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IllinoisTheological Seminary - Free in the past, now we offer affordable Program Degrees in Theology, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Professions and more.

Rev. Jose Oliveira, ITS Director

"I believe education must have freedom to be innovative. According to this view, ITS is always looking new ways to provide serious and accessible education to all, without stepping down from our educational standards: excellence, spirituality and respect." - Rev. Jose Oliveira.

Online Education

Online education can be faster, better and cheaper than traditional education. Faster - online technology makes things expedite. Better - better research tools, better presentation ways, better interactive education makes education much better. Cheaper - Online education doesn't have to keep vast and expensive physical and human resources (buildings and staff) to convey its teachings. All is made online, which is much cheaper.


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ITS offers one of the most complete and diversified set of programs, specializations and courses that you can find on the Web. Our online programs allow you to plan your education according to your needs. ITS's courses are carried out in weekly sessions that make it easy for you to begin anytime of the year and go as fast as you want.

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Our Three Big "Don'ts"

We don't sell diplomas. We don't accept "life experience" for credits.
We don't tolerate plagiarism.

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Theological Education as a Way to Know God
Among all intellectual disciplines, theology is the only one that allows you to acquire wide knowledge about life itself, besides of being a means to know God better.
In fact, spirituality is at base of Theology, you cannot deal with it in purely rational terms, without being challenged by its propositions about God and His will.
We say NO to plagiarism!